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Principal’s Welcome

Emerald High School is a co-educational full boarding school. We aim to provide high quality education in a safe, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment so that all students are motivated to achieve the best result that they are capable of.


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum to ensure that the students have the widest range of opportunities available to them so that they can leave the school as confident members of the society well prepared for tertiary education, employment, continuing education and life.

At Emerald, we pride ourselves in raising role models and our emphasis is on bringing back the old values particularly in the areas of discipline, respect, courtesy, politeness and industry apart from academics.

Education in our school is a partnership between us and the parents, a partnership that spans all activities and this has helped us to maintain a culture in which all students want to succeed.

We welcome you to a beautiful future for your children

Our Curriculum

The school runs a well-blended Curriculum (Nigeria and British Curricular). Right from year 7, students are prepared to write the Checkpoint examination organized by Cambridge International Examinations(CIE) , Junior  School National Examination Council,(  NECO) and Ogun  State examinations, Basic  Education Certificate Examination( BECE). Also, Year 8 students go on an exchange / field trip (FRENCH) while year 10 students have their curriculum tailored towards writing the IGCSE, WAEC, and NECO examinations. Provisions are made for students who require SAT, TOEFL and JAMB.

High School Subjects

The curriculum at the Junior Secondary School level is aimed at giving the students the knowledge and skills preparatory to the selection of subjects for career choices at the senior secondary school level. These subjects are:

At the end of the Junior School, students will write both the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) i.e. the JSCE and the Check Point British Examination.

The curriculum at the Senior Secondary School level is aimed at giving the students the knowledge and skills preparatory to choosing a good course of study at the University level based on their competence. The subjects are:

At the end of the Senior School, students will write both the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination.

Special Programmes

The students overall development is paramount and this is represented in the core values of the school. To raise a total child, we place priority on emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of our students.

In addition to the leadership workshops usually organized in the school, students also attend the Sea School Programme in Year 11. The Sea School Programme is a two weeks intensive Leadership Programme. The benefits from the programme are enormous as students acquire leadership skills. It serves as a multidisciplinary experience for students and attendance is one of the conditions for becoming a Prefect in the school.

French Immersion Programme

As a Christian School we entrust all our activities to God. We place emphasis on the Pentecostal worship and Catholic Mass celebration. The Principal of the Junior Secondary School is the co-ordinator of the Pentecostal worship and the coordinator for the Catholic worship is the Director. Pentecostal worship is presided over by our staff and sometimes by parents who have the calling, on invitation, while the Catholic Mass is conducted every Sunday by a priest from Mowe Parish, our Parish. The Catholic students have the opportunity of receiving first Holy Communion and the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation during their stay in the school.

The school provides counselling and learning support services to students with academic challenges. The Learning support is done thrice a week and a progress report provided fortnightly. Individual and group counselling is done sometimes with the help of educative/informative CDs relevant to the students age.. Career information and guidance is provided to students in Year 9 by administering psychological tests such as the Vocational Interest Inventory (VII) and Motivation for Occupational Preference (MOP) before selecting the subjects to be done at the senior school. We also have Adolescence Personal Data Inventory (APDI) for developmental changes and Study Habit Inventory (SHI) to enhance the learning support programme. The School provides University placement and support services while educational field trips and Students Exchange Programmes are also organised to broaden the Students horizon.

The school is poised to impart positively on its immediate community through award of scholarships and other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. As a matter of policy and in line with our mission statement, every child is expected to engage in community service at least once a session. As part of our CSR efforts, a Public Primary school in the community has been adopted for regular assistance and after discussing with the Head of the Primary School, the challenges faced by the School were identified as follows: • Lack of fence • Poor state of learning facilities • Inadequate classroom furniture • Shortage of teachers • Dilapidated buildings We have thus far been able to donate furniture and books to the school and efforts are continuing to assist in other areas. The parents have been very helpful in this regard.

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