International Admission

Emerald High School International (EHSI) aims and hopes to grant admission to students of any nationality, who have a reasonable expectation of academic and personal success with an ability to speak English Language. Emerald High School International is a school that accepts all students who are capable of adapting to our blended curriculum, opportunities and experiences. At EHSI, we believe that our blended curriculum and skills acquisition experience is essential in developing our students into lifelong learners. We also believe that all students have their own unique talents. Notwithstanding, students must be prepared to change, be open-minded and be risk-takers to take advantage of the EHSI opportunities and experiences and to discover and develop their new talents. To this end, each student is expected to demonstrate balance by being involved in academics, sports, cultural and service activities that serve their interests and needs.


Emerald High School International offers admission to students into Year 7 and Year 8 for Junior Secondary School and Year 10 and Year 11 in the Senior Secondary School. Admission is not encouraged in Year 9 and Year 12 except where the student has been pursuing the courses being offered here in EHSI in his/her former school. Applications for admission are open throughout the year.

Procedure for Admission


All enquiries and applications for Admission are accessed through our website.


An applicant is expected to purchase, download and fill the EHSI Application Form online at


Once the application is submitted, the admission committee will contact the applicant to schedule a date and time for an online Admission Qualifying Test no later than one (1) week after submission.


After the admission qualifying test, an online interview will be scheduled and conducted in English Language before the student is admitted into the school within one (1)week after the interview.


On the successful completion of procedures 1-4, where the applicant emerges successful, the Admissions Committee will mail a provisional offer of admission to the applicant and the parents not later than one (1) week after the interview.


Emerald High School International will deem a provisional admission offered to a student valid only when the acceptance fee stated in the admission letter has been paid and when the following documents listed below have been received by the school:

Documents to be submitted
  1. A completed Emerald Admission Form.
  2. A completed Medical Form and copies of vaccination record.
  3. A copy of applicant’s birth certificate.
  4.  Academic Records for the last two sessions.
  5. Two passport-size photographs of applicant with the name printed at the back of photographs.
  6.  A photograph of parents and student together.
  7. Photocopy of student’s and parents’ data page of International Passport and Visa.
  8. Photocopy of evidence of payment to the school (if any).



All uniforms (school wear, Sunday wear, day wear and sportswear) are fitted and collected at the school once full school fees have been paid.



Attendance at meal times is mandatory and this is when we all meet to discuss things, large and small. Emerald High School International strives to create a nice and cosy atmosphere in the dining hall and to ensure that the food is appetizing and healthy. We offer a combination of Nigerian and International Cuisine. However, the kitchen is ready to work with you to make some alterations in your meal while you are acclimatizing in the country and school.

Special Dietary Needs


The school is ready to cater for any student with special dietary needs. Please indicate in your application form if you suffer from any allergy or follow a special dietary restriction. When you arrive in school, our nutritionist will have a discussion with you to establish which meals you eat at an extra charge.

Transportation/Airport Shuttle


International students travelling to Nigeria for the first time should pack some casual wears (4 pairs of trousers (Jeans/ chinos/ khaki), 4 T-shirts or tops and other necessary wears. These extra clothing is for a short holiday stay in their guardians’ or foster homes.   The school offers the following transportation services:

  • Airport shuttle (pick up and drop off).
  • Transportation to Guardians or Foster Home (pick up and drop off).

Please indicate during your interview and in your Application Form if you need transportation services. Transportation services will be provided also to students who are travelling without parents or guardian. This service is offered at an extra cost.

Holidays/Foster Homes


Emerald High School International observes a one week mid-term break every term and short holidays such as Christmas Holiday and Easter Holiday. The longer holiday is between July and August. During these holidays, students are expected to leave the boarding house.  With these short holidays in mind, the school provides International students without guardian and supervisors in Nigeria an opportunity of spending their short holidays in the home of a foster parent.  Please indicate in your Application Form and on resumption in school if you will need a foster parent and home.  The school reserves the right to assign a student to a foster parent who is equally a parent in the school or staff. However, a student can request for a change of home if necessary.  The role of the foster parent is to serve as guardian/parent to the child in ensuring a smooth and healthy psychological and academic life while in school. The school will communicate details and information of the foster parent and home to the student’s parent(s). This service comes at an extra charge.

Telephone Calls


The boarding school has phone lines in the possession of the house parents.  Calls are accepted every morning and evening at designated times. However, International students’ parents will be given an opportunity to receive calls from their parents and guardians any time these calls are put through bearing in mind the time differences in these countries.  Students while acclimatizing in school for the first half term, will be given the opportunity to call their guardians or parents everyday if necessary.

Telephone numbers for your child’s hostel, Foster Parent and the Principal/other management staff of the school will be made available to parents once your child is received in the school on resumption.

Child Care and Protection

The school is aware of child care and protection policy and is geared towards the provision of care to all students. The School Counselor is present and ready to provide all psychological and social care, protection and succour to any child when necessary.

Visiting Day/Open Days

Emerald - Education Fair 2020 (11)

The school observes her visiting days on the last Sunday of every month as scheduled in the school calendar. Visiting Hours are between 12 noon to 5.00 p.m. Parents and guardians are expected to visit their children/wards with food items/drinks and other personal effects.  Guardians and foster parents of International students are expected to play this role, however any parent who is in Nigeria and wishes to visit the child in school outside the visiting day/hours should communicate this request to the school through a mail to the Principal and access will be granted for such a visit.

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